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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Writing Assignment

The reason this photo was taken was for my little sister's junior prom. it was taken by me.
the relationship between me and her is sisterly.
this photo was intended to be viewed by everyone my family knows. It was to show off my sister in her dress. It was intended to be viewed for for as long as it could be.
This picture is of me. it was taken by my mom. it was taken for a family photo album my mom was doing plus it was helping her with her photography.
the relationship between me and my mom would be a mother daughter relationship very close.
it was intended to be viewed by my moms family and friends and people she takes photos for. it was intended to be viewed for as long as she wanted it to.
the purpose of this photo was to show off the statue of Liberty.
i dont know who took this picture so there is no relationship
I believe everyone was intended to view this photo and for a very long time.


Doing this project was very tedious. i never thought we would get done with this. My group started late and and worked hard. Putting this giant object together took a lot of thinking and strategy. we had to come up with a plan to make the belly exactly round so we mad 2 circles and connected 3 rectangles to it. The stomach became very round and fat like it was supposed to be. Next were the hands feet and head. These were much easier then i thought they would be. Getting everything connected also came easier. Instead of ironing them all together my group experimented with hot glue at low temperature. By hot gluing a circle and then cutting a slit so air can get through we connected everything. next came the spray paint. this was a very messy part. i turned out looking like a giant smurf when all was said and done. I did enjoy showing off the project as well. Dressing up like Team Rocket and having people come over to take pictures with us and with snorlax was great. So many people told us they loved our project the most.

The contrasting parts of me

I must say this 3D project was good i really enjoyed this project. Out of all the projects I have worked on for bill this is the only one I had to restart on when I was almost done. I worked with roses and skittles. They were my contrasting parts. The black roses were supposed to be the dark side of me that most people don't have the luxury to see. The skittles were the very small yet happy side of me that tries to cover up the dark side. I got most of the way done with this project and decided to change it. It turned out much better then what I ever expected it too.

Pinecones Everywhere!!!!!

This part of the project was nice. At first I didn't really see the point of taking so many pictures, but after doing it i understood that some just come out terrible. The ones that I picked out I think are pretty good and represent the categories we had to work with well.